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CLIMB Partner assisted Sub C Partner in the installation of brackets to the AMPLEMANN boat landing at 2 locations on the Vattenfall SANDBANK offshore wind farm.

The old boat landing spot proved to be insufficient and Sub C Partner designed and fabricated the new and upgraded landing brackets, CLIMB Partner supplied to 2 trusted rope access technicians for the task of: measuring for correct installation, drilling, rust protection applied, rigging system to lower the brackets to the installation are by means of rope access systems.

Both bracket was installed in a safe and controlled manor with no complications.

2nd task was to straighten a bend railing on the OSS, this as well was done in a safe and controlled manor by means of hydraulic press and thinking outside the box.

CLIMB partner /Sub C Partner received very positive feedback form the QHSE Vattenfall representative present on the OSS while the jobs were carried out.