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MAERSK TYRA WEST and EAST, splash zone painting campaign 2017.

CLIMB Partner was contracted to undertake the splash zone painting campaign for both Tyra west and east delivering a total of 16 technicians for the campaign.

A good working relationship with both the tyra west and east staff both Maersk and other subcontractors ensured that delivery was done on time, even with some weather issues along the way, the worst summer for 38 years.

CLIMB Partner rope access techs were handling the following tasks during the campaign:

  • High pressure hot water washing of the area to be worked on before work start.
  • Sandblasting during rope access.
  • Stripe coting all welding’s and pitting’s before spray-painting.
  • Spray-painting the leg structure of the platforms, 3 layers to a total of 1500 Microns.
  • Assisting other trades when the weather was against rope access work.

All in all a successful painting campaign.