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Assisting TOTAL in the UK on the new CULZEAN gas platform.

A total of 17 caissons were to be the scope for the Epoxy caisson moulding project. CLIMB Partner / SubC Partner teamed up on tailor-making solutions for the issues TOTAL faced as they came to the conclusion that the support brackets for 17 caissons were made too big to give the needed support to the caissons.

Solutions would include a long test face in Esbjerg to find the best possible solution for these issues.

  • CLIMB Partner /SubC Partner made a 1:1 test model of the caisson and the support brackets with offset to mimic the setup offshore.
  • After fabrication was complete we worked on a bottom seal for the lower part of the caisson/bracket, after trial and error we came up with a usable solution and a test was made using only water to work with a medium with a higher viscosity then epoxy. This worked fine.
  • After the first test with water we tested the setup with Epoxy, only to find this was a great setup again.
  • We worked closely with a Danish Epoxy specialist to find the right Epoxy with the right qualities for both strength and flexibility in the Epoxy.
  • The job was started a bit late in the year and we struggled a bit with the weather situation, but all in all we ended up with yet another happy client.